Lightspeed Restaurant is the fast, flexible platform that
simplifies your processes and connects your teams
so you can focus on what matters.

Quick Service Restaurants

Say goodbye to long wait times. Serve customers faster than ever and connect your front and back of house with ordering, payment and printing workflows to provide the best customer experience possible.

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Speed up your service

Work quickly with a platform that is flexible enough to cater to your own unique way of taking orders. Get best-in-class tools that help you take on even the most complex of orders quickly. Integrated payments offer you quick transactions without the errors that come with manual entry and, paired with Order Anywhere, can be handled completely on the customer’s own device.

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Help increase revenue
with data-driven decisions

Serve more customers with online ordering channels for pickup and delivery with unique menus, upsells and promotions dedicated to each channel. The Magic Menu Quadrant will help you improve your menu by showing you which items drive more of your repeat business.

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Help keep your costs low with
a POS that guides you

Lightspeed Inventory helps you order only what you need to keep your COGS low. Plus Advanced Insights can help show you underperforming items to consider removing from your menu. With Lightspeed Payments, you can offer speedy transactions and get deposits  with no hidden costs.

Never miss a beat with tools that help you run your business efficiently.

Lightspeed Restaurant gives you staff performance metrics that let you know which employees are thriving and which need a little extra help. Integrated payments remove mistakes linked to manual entry and our easy-to-use POS lets your staff focus on the customer, rather than the tech. Lightspeed’s inventory management helps you order only what you need and plan for future demand to reduce waste. Our recipe-costing tools and Advanced Insights help you create more-profitable menus and smarter staff planning.

  • Create unique menus for each individual location or have the same across all locations
  • Track the performance of your menu item, promotions or even staff members from anywhere
  • Provide instant support for your restaurant on any device with a browser, even if you’re not physically there
  • Create recipes and see live suggestive pricing to avoid costly items before they make it to the menu
  • Settle transactions on one screen with Lightspeed Payments
  • Collect customer data with every payment tap and understand how to turn them into regulars

The best kinds of technology solutions are
ones in which we don’t even realize we’re using it. As great as Lightspeed has been for us, we don’t think about it day to day. It’s just one of our tools. It’s like picking up a knife in the kitchen. It does its job consistently, it does it well and it helps us spend our time focused on what really matters for our business.

Grant Macdonald

Kotsu Ramen & Gyoza

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Get fast, free support when you need it.

When you choose Lightspeed, you’re backed by our team of onboarding and support experts who are dedicated to your success.

  • Get off to the best start with free onboarding from a Lightspeed specialist
  • Get unlimited 24/7 support
  • Browse Lightspeed’s fully-stacked, free library of guides, webinars, demos and videos
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