Simplify your accounting with Lightspeed Retail and Xero.

With Xero, you can automate data entry by syncing daily reconciliation, invoices, customers’ and suppliers’ details and more with Lightspeed POS.

Part 1: Connect Lightspeed Retail POS to your Xero Account

In this video, we cover how to connect your Xero account with your Lightspeed X-Series account.

Part 2: Account Mapping, Register Closure, Sales Tax & Default Sales Account

In this video, we cover general account mapping processes, register closure settings, setting up your sales tax profiles with Xero, as well as your accounts for products and how you can map those to your default sales account.

Part 3: On Account Sales & Expenses

In this video, we cover on account sales, and  configuring expenses.

Part 4: Payment Types & Liabilities

In this video, we cover mapping your payment types, as well as your liabilities.

Purchase Orders

In this video, we cover how we manage purchase orders within Lightspeed,  what data is sent to Xero, and how to manage your purchase orders with your suppliers.

Register Closure and On Account Sales

In this video, we cover how Lightspeed and Xero work together through data flows. We cover off both the register closure process and on account sales.