APAC V9 Pricing and Packaging
Partner FAQs

This is an internal document.


How do you add modules in the backend?

If they’re new customers, then an Account Executive will add the module as part of the sign-up flow (i.e. toggle on to include in the activation link sent to the retailer).
Post activation this would be managed by an AM through a SF workflow which alerts billing to the request. Billing then adds the module and the additional subscription fees.

Will new pricing follow the same process as the existing process?

The current flow will remain the same.

What does the reporting breakdown look like?

Reporting grows with each plan. With the Basic Plan, retailers can start with basic reporting to fill their tax requirements. With the Core plan, retailers get greater insight across their business with in-depth sales, staff and inventory reports to help focus their efforts. The Plus Plan, retailers get access to the same reports as the Core plan but it also includes Custom Reporting which allows retailers to automate and customise their reporting with the ability to save custom reports and schedule recurring email sends.

Will this price change affect my existing customers?

No, there is no plan to move existing customers to V9 pricing right now.

What will happen to my existing prospects who haven’t purchased yet?

Pricing comes into effect today Tuesday 9th April in APAC. We would encourage you to work with your PGM.

What will happen to my existing exclusive promotion I have for my clients?

This will remain in place.