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Lightspeed Retail – Single Sign On integration

If you use a centralised identity provider (IDP) and single sign-on (SSO) authentication to manage access across your business platforms, you can connect your identity provider to Lightspeed to streamline processes and manage accesses all in one place.

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Enhance security and streamline user access

  • Seamless integration between SSO provider and Lightspeed that supports the OAuth Protocol
  • Manage Lightspeed user accounts and credentials from your integrated Identity Provider
  • Create a consistent and secure login experience
  • Confidence in security and streamline operations
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Tips for connecting SSO

Manage and authenticate users more securely by connecting SSO.

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Choose a supported SSO

Choose an IDP that supports OAuth/OIDC. This is the only authentication protocol Lightspeed Retail supports. Your IDP must be allowed to request these scopes: openid, profile and email.

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Choose a quiet time

Once SSO is enabled, all users (except the Primary Admin) will be required to use SSO to authenticate. This should be done at a time that is not disruptive to your users.

The Lightspeed POS set-up, in regards to ease of use for our staff, has been exceptional. It’s just so simple to use because everything has a sequence; everything has a flow.

It’s so quick, it’s so easy. I know that my staff just honestly say you could teach a guinea pig how to use it. So, yeah, we find it excellent.

Kat Montgomery

Founder and Owner, The Rural Trader

Customer since 2022

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