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Build customer loyalty with Lightspeed Retail

Simplify inventory management, provide exceptional customer experiences and automate supplier information with Lightspeed’s retail platform.

The ski store POS that streamlines inventory and sales

  • Manage your inventory faster so you’re always stocked up on the equipment that sells
  • Stay ahead of the curve, with meaningful insights from customer behaviour to managing margins
  • Enable customers to browse and buy in store, online and everywhere in between
  • Send targeted offers, communicate deals and personalize your shopping experience
  • Stay on top of all your service orders to ensure your sales and service staff are aligned and your customers are always satisfied
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Experience these benefits with Lightspeed Retail

Deliver a seamless omnichannel experience

Provide your customers with an effortless in store and online experience, so they keep coming back.

Create and manage various promotions

Easily set up automated discounts and multiple promotions to keep customers coming back.

Save time during stock take and reduce inventory inaccuracies

With our Scanner app, you can count products, track inventory and fulfil orders easily from the shopfloor.

Automate supplier information

Access product catalogs from hundreds of brands and save time by syncing accurate product information straight to your product catalog.

Integrate with accounting and eCom platforms

Run your online and brick-and-mortar store more efficiently with the software you’re using.

Manage service sales

If you offer repair and product services, you can manage these sales from your POS.

Streamlined inventory management

Manage large bulk orders from multiple suppliers and have access to accurate inventory data.

Minimize out-of-stocks using reorder points and low stock alerts

Have the tools to set up inventory workflows, so that you’ll never be out of your most popular stock, and you never miss a sale.

“This is going to give us more time and efficiency in our program to focus on us being able to grow the program, make greater revenue, provide greater connections to our customers, provide a better overall experience and get more people in orange.”

Mitchell Dale

Head of Customer Acquisition, GWS Giants

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Considering the switch to Lightspeed?

Switching to Lightspeed is easy. From data migration to hardware and payments setup, our industry experts will support you each step of the way.

  • Get fast 24/7 support
  • One-on-one onboarding
  • Dedicated Account Manager to answer every question
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