Lightspeed Retail

For retailer’s with big ambitions

Improve efficiency

Centralise sales, customers and inventory to reduce manual processes.

Increase visibility

See what’s happening across your business with real time data.

Grow effortlessly

Use systems and tools that grow with your evolving business.

Focus on what really matters

Lightspeed Retail enables retailers to keep their finger on the pulse of their business.

  • Point of sale
  • Payments processing
  • Purchasing & Inventory management
  • Reporting & insights
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  • Ecommerce
  • Multi-location and multi-channel management
  • Marketing & loyalty
  • Services
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Trusted by businesses in over 100 countries



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Our team have been building tech and providing expertise



in gross transactions processed by Lightspeed in fiscal  2023*

Lightspeed is a platform the entire organisation will love

  • Intuitive sales flows for the shop floor
  • One centralised place for inventory for operations 
  • Omnichannel loyalty and email tools for marketing
  • Unified financial reporting for finance 
  • Flexible APIs for tech
  • Fast, 24/7 support for everyone
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Keep your staff happy and the shopfloor running smoothly

Intuitive, reliable platform

A system anyone can pick up

Fast dedicated support

Speak to someone in minutes

Employee performance data

Motivate employees and track performance

Simple, intuitive selling

Sell how you want  with a system so easy to learn that staff can get started with little to no training.

  • Scan or search for items and set up popular items as quick keys
  • Offer layaways, deposits, on account sales and send quotes 
  • Easily process refunds, exchanges, store credit, special orders and gift cards 
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  • Automatically apply discounts when items are added 
  • Prompt staff with reminders to capture customer details 
  • Set up custom workflows including age verification or waiver acknowledgment 
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There are 400-500 people using the platform on behalf of our brand on a daily basis – and they need it to be incredibly user friendly, visually appealing and simple to navigate

Miki Giampaolo

COO of Elite Supplements

50+ locations with Lightspeed

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Motivate your employees

Understand who your top sales people are to keep them motivated and rewarded.

  • Set targets and track sales commissions
  • Track employee performance
  • Set user permissions so everyone can see what they need for their role
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From the retail staff’s standpoint, you have clarity on quite a lot of things in terms of your personal sales data on a daily basis on your dashboard. I think that really helps to motivate the staff members. It was not available on that scale before

Nelson Tan

Wholesale and Distribution Manager at Crumpler

7+ locations with Lightspeed

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A platform that won’t keep you up at night

Improve your operations with a stable, cloud-based platform.

  • Make changes to products, pricing and more without being in store
  • Never miss a sale, with an average 99.9% uptime or better
  • Always access your data in real time
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The ease at which I can manage from the head office – editing, creating, deleting products is near instantaneous. If someone’s having a problem with a consignment, I can just log in and look at the consignment directly. I don’t need to remote into their system to bring up the consignment on their system and then take over their computer.

Rien van der Schalk

IT Administrator at Games World

20+ locations with Lightspeed

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The support you need comes as standard

Our success team is here to help you configure the platform to your needs and ensure a smooth transition to a new system.

  • Don’t pay extra to speak to someone
  • Access support in minutes 24/7 via phone, email or chat
  • Get chargeback assistance and dispute management whenever you need
  • Work with a dedicated account manager for expertise and advice
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With the support that I had from the Lightspeed backend team, if I ever had a question I just would hit the help button, send a message and I had someone on it straight away

Liz Anderson

Founder of White Earth

3+ locations with Lightspeed

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Get the efficiency and visibility you need

Centralised operations

Manage inventory, sales and customers in one place

Detailed insights

Make informed decisions backed by data

Tools for efficiency

Speed up manual tasks with our tools

Centralise your business operations and inventory

Stop switching between multiple systems and using manual processes and ensure your data is automatically integrated with other tools you use.

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  • Adjust pricing and inventory levels across all channels from anywhere
  • Connect in-store and online for one real-time source of truth for sales, inventory and customers
  • Easily transfer stock between stores or warehouses
  • Extend your tech stack with integrations with accounting, ecommerce, employee scheduling, ERP and more
  • Customise your platform with our open API and checkout workflows
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Being able to just click a button and then all the Reorder Points are set up and the order gets sent to the warehouse to create… it saves so much time for the stores and for the warehouse. It is a huge game-changer.

Adela Shen

Systems Manager at Elephone

7+ locations with Lightspeed

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Get the detailed insights you need

Make data driven decisions with reporting on business performance across your entire operation.

  • Real-time sales, inventory and customer data in one place
  • See which categories, brands and products are driving sales
  • Understand your inventory performance and sell through
  • Monitor employee performance, discounts, store credit and gift cards
  • Customise and save the reports most important to your business
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One of the best advantages of Lightspeed for me as a manager is the oversight it gives me of the performance of all of our stores – and our online store – from the head office. As much as I love going out to the stores and seeing what’s going on, I can’t always do that. On a daily basis with Lightspeed, I can check in on how everyone’s going, pick up on anything that needs to be improved upon and of course celebrate the successes!

Tracey Bailey

CEO of Biome

5+ locations with Lightspeed

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Count on fast, reliable payments

Make data driven decisions with reporting on business performance across your entire operation—such as key financial metrics, inventory and employee performance, sales trends and more.

  • Simple, transparent pricing with no terminal rental fees
  • Faster funding, receive next business day settlements
  • All the security you need. Including PCI compliance, 24/7 server security monitoring and built-in active global fraud protection
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On Lightspeed Payments we’re able to increase our revenue because of the speed of service. On game days I haven’t had to reconnect the system, which is very common in the retail space. We’ve been able to move between venues, move between locations and have all of that available to us without any issue.

Mitchell Dale

Head of Customer Acquisition at GWS Giants

5+ locations on Lightspeed

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Increase sell through while finding the best products to stock 

The NuORDER marketplace allows you to connect and order thousands of products from popular fashion, sporting and gift brands directly from your POS. 

  • Order more of what your customers want from leading brands
  • Import purchase orders in a click directly to your POS. 
  • Keep your inventory in sync thanks to integrated ordering to ensure your stock levels are always up to date
  • Use 24/7 ordering on your phone or tablet
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Last year I created over 700 purchase orders for my stores and it was one of the most time consuming aspects of my role. I was thrilled to learn that Lightspeed created an integration with NuORDER to automatically import purchase orders and product information into the POS

Lisa Bobb

Squash Blossom Boutique

1 location with Lightspeed

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Use mobile tools to help you get ahead

Leverage mobile technology to improve store operations, visibility and control with Lightspeed’s Scanner and Reporter apps.

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Scanner app

Check inventory levels across stores
Improve accuracy on stock counts, when receiving or picking transfers 
Use any IOS or android mobile as a scanner or compatible Zebra and Socket scanners to improve efficiency

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Reporter app

See key sales metrics across all your stores in real time 
Add performance widgets to your home screen
Get alerted when registers are opened or closed 

If the till is being used and we need to check stock in another store, the Scanner app is what we use for the product lookup, we give the staff the access to do the lookup based on if there’s still stock in the warehouse so they can help the customers. That’s a tool that we’ve empowered the staff with. It’s working very seamlessly for us. We had all the staff download the app, put in their credentials, and scan inventory one by one. It was a lifesaver.

Nelson Tan

Wholesale and Distribution Manager at Crumpler

7+ locations with Lightspeed

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Increase workshop efficiency

Optimise efficiency from shop floor to the workshop with tools to improve staff and customer communication and manage service based sales.

  • Track all services and their status from your POS
  • Leave notes and easily see the status of each service
  • Easily keep customers up to date on their service
  • Schedule services so your team knows what to work on next
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Have everything you need to propel growth

Ever evolving tools

Constantly adding new capabilities

A multi channel experience

Extend the in-store experience online

Measurable marketing performance

Understand if your marketing is working

Innovation isn’t an afterthought

Unlike static legacy platforms that become outdated, Lightspeed’s platform is constantly evolving to ensure you have the latest tools at your disposal.

  • Dropping new features every week or sooner
  • Hundreds of best in class developers innovating every day
  • Over 15 years experience with retail informs tool development
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Lightspeed is so much more user-friendly. Everything’s really clear and easy to find. Every now and again we just find something else that makes everything a little bit more streamlined. There’s constantly changes and we are like, ‘Oh yes, that’s the win’. It’s evolving. It’s keeping up with what’s happening basically and what’s needed, which is great.

Virginia Martin

Founder of Bul & Creative Director at Crumpler

10+ locations and 2 brands on Lightspeed

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Lightspeed Ecom extends your in-store experience online

Lightspeed Ecom is included in your Standard or Advanced plan at no additional cost.

  • Easily sell your products online and via marketplaces and social media
  • Connect an online store to an existing website or easily build your own website and even set up a branded store app
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  • Sell everything including services, digital goods and subscriptions 
  • Delight customers and offer BOPIS, run promotions and redeem gift cards and loyalty, across in-store and online 
  • Reach new audiences with a SEO optimised site to boost rankings, translations to sell in other languages 
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Thanks to Lightspeed eCom, I successfully synchronised my entire product catalog with Amazon, resulting in a remarkable 10X increase in sales. I had to hire additional staff to keep up with the extra ecommerce demand.

Troy Arnold

B&J Sporting Goods

1 location with Lightspeed

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Advanced Marketing lets you know what marketing strategies are working for you

Grow your database, increase repeat customers and drive revenue including increasing average order value and sales per customer.

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  • Run loyalty & marketing programs in-store and online
  • Create advanced loyalty programs with tiers 
  • Deliver one-off or automated email and sms marketing 
  • Gather feedback & reviews with surveys
  • Monitor and schedule social media channels 
  • Track marketing ROI and see what campaigns are performing best
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Lightspeed Advanced Marketing results

In the 6 months after retailers install Lightspeed Advanced Marketing we’ve seen the average results:


Growth in customer database


Growth in repeat customer sales


Increase in the average order per customer


Growth in average revenue per customer


Growth in GMV over 6 months

A lot of our customers may purchase online or in-store or vice versa, and they switch between a lot, so having something that worked across both channels was really important. Lightspeed Advanced Marketing gives us the tools on that front.

Will Hatton

Cofounder of Pace Athletic

6 locations with Lightspeed

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Switching to Lightspeed is simple

All the hardware you need

Already have the hardware to get up and running? You can run Lightspeed on your preferred web browser or IOS device. Plus, we’ll include a free terminal for each of your locations, with no terminal rental fees with on-site installation included*

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Tap, insert, swipe 
IOS or desktop 
EMV & PCI-compliant

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Chip or pin contactless payments
IOS or desktop  
EMV & PCI-compliant

Extra support where you need it

Our team is available 24/7 but we also have extra support to make your transition as seamless as possible.

  • Hardware and account set up
  • Product migration and data integrity checks 
  • Team training and deep dives into inventory control, reporting and ecommerce
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Switch now so you can

  • Attract and retain more customers
  • Keep staff engaged and productive
  • Reduce manual processes and increase efficiency 
  • Get greater visibility across all areas of your business
  • Customise the platform to your exact needs 
  • Grow your revenue

We went out to the market with a long list of criteria… and the only one that ticked all of the boxes was Lightspeed. By choosing Lightspeed, we were able to ensure that not only did we have the ability for omni-channel loyalty across our different selling channels, but we could ensure that our retail staff had an easy-to-use POS system, we were able to build up our customer data set, the guys in the back office have a very simple platform to maintain and there’s a very rich API data set for us to use.

Paul Stephens

CTO at Neal’s Yard Remedies

40+ locations on Lightspeed

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