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Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed Retail is the easy-to-use retail platform for managing sales, streamlining inventory management and improving visibility across channels, so you can focus on what matters.

Improve efficiency

Streamline your work, reduce manual processes and centralise sales, customers and inventory.

Increase visibility

See what’s happening across every area of your business and access the real time data you need from anywhere.

Grow effortlessly

Set yourself up to scale with systems that grow with you and tools to support growth across your entire organisation.

Powering game-changing businesses in over 100 countries

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Our teams have been building tech and providing expert support to merchants for over 15 years


In gross transactions processed by Lightspeed in 2022**

For retailers with big ambitions

Switch to Lightspeed and get one platform for managing multi location sales, inventory, customers, suppliers and reporting. No more disconnected solutions, distractions or duplicate effort.

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Why Retailers switch to Lightspeed

One platform & partner for your business

Intuitive sales flows for the shopfloor, a centralized inventory system for operations, multichannel loyalty and email tools for marketing, unified financial reporting for finance and flexible APIs for tech.

  • Simple, intuitive selling

    Simplify your checkout with an intuitive POS that gives you flexibility to sell how you want and is easy to pick up—staff can get started with little to no training.
  • Centralised multi-location inventory management

    Manage inventory, prices, data and more for every location and channel anywhere you are. Ensure sales and inventory data are always in sync and that you can easily transfer inventory across stores and channels.
  • Detailed insights and data

    Make data driven decisions with reporting on business performance across your entire operation—such as key financial metrics, inventory and employee performance, sales trends and more.
  • Connect in-store and online

    Streamline selling, managing inventory and tracking customers across channels. Get set up effortlessly with Lightspeed eCom or connect your existing online store to connect your online and offline presence.
  • Execute marketing and track ROI

    Build loyalty and drive more customers in-store and online with marketing, loyalty, social and review tools that are easy to implement and show clear ROI on your marketing efforts.
  • Manage service sales

    Optimise efficiency from shop floor to the workshop with tools to improve staff and customer communication and manage service based sales.
  • A tech stack that works for your business

    Extend your retail stack by integrating industry-leading apps for accounting, ecommerce, customer chat, marketing, employee scheduling, ERP and more via Lightspeed’s partner ecosystem and API.
  • A platform you don’t have to think about

    Ensure your systems don’t keep you up at night. With 99.9% uptime you can make changes and improve your operations with a stable, cloud-based platform.
  • The support you need comes as standard

    We’re here to help configure the platform to your needs and ensure a smooth transition to a new system. Once you’re up and running, speak to a retail expert 24/7 via chat, phone or email. Get chargeback assistance and dispute management whenever you need.

Mobile tools to help you get ahead

Lightspeed’s Scanner and Reporter apps help you improve store operations, visibility & control by leveraging mobile technologies. Available on IOS and Android.

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Lightspeed Scanner

– Check inventory levels across stores
– Improve accuracy on stock counts, when receiving or picking transfers
– Use any IOS or android mobile as a scanner or compatible Zebra and Socket scanners to improve efficiency

Download on iOS or Android

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Lightspeed Reporter

– See key sales metrics across all your stores in real time
– Add performance widgets to your home screen
– Get alerted when registers are opened or closed

Download on iOS or Android

There are 400-500 people using the platform on behalf of our brand on a daily basis, and they need it to be incredibly user friendly, visually appealing and simple to navigate. Lightspeed has been a helpful transition from our static old platform that was not cloud based, slow and couldn’t be updated with a single source of truth. Lightspeed’s ability to integrate and be customised has allowed us to continue evolving the platform for our needs.

Miki Giampaolo

COO of Elite Supplements

50+ locations on Lightspeed

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*Customer Locations as at March 31, 2023 and excludes approximately 158,000 Customer Locations attributable to the Ecwid eCommerce standalone product. Customer Locations means a billing merchant location for which the term of services have not ended, or with which we are negotiating a renewal contract, and, in the case of NuORDER, a brand with a direct or indirect paid subscription for which the terms of services have not ended or in respect of which we are negotiating a subscription renewal. A single unique customer can have multiple Customer Locations including physical and eCommerce sites and in the case of NuORDER, multiple subscriptions. See the section entitled “Key Performance Indicators” in Lightspeed’s most recent MD&A available on our investor relations website and at and for more details.

**For the twelve months preceding March 31, 2023, Lightspeed’s customers processed $87.1 billion in GTV through Lightspeed’s platform. “Gross Transaction Volume” or “GTV” means the total dollar value of transactions processed through Lightspeed’s cloud-based software-as-a-service platform, excluding amounts processed through the NuORDER solution, in the period, net of refunds, inclusive of shipping and handling, duty and value-added taxes. GTV does not represent revenue earned by Lightspeed. GTV excludes amounts processed through the NuORDER solution because they represent business-to-business volume rather than business-to-consumer volume and Lightspeed does not currently have a robust payments solution for business-to-business volume. See the section entitled “Key Performance Indicators” in Lightspeed’s most recent MD&A available on our investor relations website and at and for more details.