Lightspeed Retail & B2B

For savvy buyers and store managers at leading fashion and footwear retailers

Powering thousands of leading fashion retailers to manage inventory and buying

Save days each month

Reduce time placing orders and managing inventory

Order more of what your customers want

Connect with hundreds of leading brands

Streamline the buying process

Reduce double entry with POs automatically sent to your POS

Keep your inventory in sync easily

Integrated ordering ensures your stock levels are always up to date

Brands we work with

Access and buy from some of US, Canada and the world’s best fashion retailers

How it works

Streamlining your buying and POS is simple

  • Create your free Lightspeed NuOrder account
  • Connect with brands you love
  • Make assortments and place your POs
  • Import POs to your Lightspeed POS in a click
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For buyers

Make placing orders a breeze for your buying team

  • 24/7 ordering, browse catalogs from your phone, mobile or tablet
  • Live inventory, real-time updates to pre-book and ATS stock levels allow you to place orders with confidence.
  • Order management, track order details and shipping status across multiple brands in one place.
  • Planning, use draft buys to organize your buy and allocate units across delivery windows
  • and much more, including meeting notes, assortment planning and hi-res product image libraries
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For store managers

From ordered to on the floor in record time

  • Instantly see orders placed in NuOrder in Lightspeed Stock Management
  • Import every product on the purchase order in one click to your POS catalog
  • Save hours inputing product details and adjusting inventory levels
  • Barcode scanning, reorder your best selling products by simply scanning the barcode
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I created over 700 purchase orders for my stores and it was one of the most time consuming aspects of my role.

Lisa Bobb

Founder, Squash Blossom Boutique

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