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Lightspeed Insights for retail

Leverage detailed visual reporting, customisable and schedulable reports, predict how much inventory to order and easily draft purchase orders with Lightspeed Insights.

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Unlock detailed inventory and sales reporting

  • Visual reporting let’s you track daily, weekly or monthly reporting at a glance
  • Inventory reports help you understand your product performance and costs in detail
  • Filters and comparisons make it easy to adjust the reports to your business needs
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Customise your reporting for your business

  • Customise and save inventory, sales, tax and payments reports to your requirements
  • Schedule regular reports to be emailed weekly or monthly
  • Drill down on performance to make strategic decisions on promotions, staffing and product selection
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Access insights to predict how much inventory to order

  • Take into account past out-of-stock periods to avoid missing sales and order inventory with precision
  • View suggested order quantities that consider past sales volumes and stockouts when deciding what to order and save time without creating manual estimations
  • Have confidence with how much stock to order and minimise stockouts, reduce excess inventory and maximise profitability
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Easily create purchase orders

  • View current inventory and suggested order quantities while creating the PO to help determine the order amount
  • Streamline the preparation of purchase orders and save hours each week that would otherwise be spent on manual inventory management tasks
  • Eliminate the need to switch between systems and spreadsheets, simplifying the overall purchase order workflow
  • Access accurate order quantities with POs based on up-to-date sales and inventory data, reducing the risk of overstock or stockouts
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How you’ll benefit

Total visibility

Make insight-driven decisions with an extensive range of real-time data available on your business performance.

Customisable and flexible

Adapt reports to your business needs with ease and filter in on specific times or metrics.

Boost cashflow

See what categories, brands and products are driving performance to maximise profitability.

Save time

Access, save and schedule your frequent reports to cut down on reporting time.

Minimise stockouts

Reduce the number of out-of-stock days and ensure you have the right amount of stock during busy periods, helping to minimise costs associated with excess inventory and lost sales.

Streamline PO preparation

Avoid switching between systems and reviewing manual estimations by creating purchase orders in the platform based on current data.

Access accurate forecasts

Feel confident in your data by viewing accurate suggested order amounts in Lightspeed Insights, which also considers out-of-stock periods—so you never miss a sale.

Scale your business

Support the growth of your business with Lightspeed Insights, a scalable tool that adapts to expansion and changes in demand.

Transform inventory and sales data into actionable insights

Lightspeed Insights is the essential tool for smarter business decisions and improved operational efficiency

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Brands and suppliers

Understand which brands and suppliers are driving sales and delivering the best margins with minimal returns.

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Products and categories

Get a macro and micro overview of stock performance by understanding category trends as well as individual product performance.

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COGS and margins

Keep on top of costs and make sure you’re turning a profit with detailed data on cost of goods, taxes, margins, discounting and more.

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Customers and staff

Get to know your customers and your staff by viewing average items and revenue per customer or team member and other important metrics.

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Outlets and registers

Explore which locations perform best whether that’s within your store or across several stores, compare outlet and register performance easily.

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Drill Down reports

Drive insight into your business performance with reports covering Dusty Inventory, Sell Through, Recently Out of Stock, Individual Performance and Sales by Hour of Day.

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Factor stockouts

Keep track of items that often go out of stock. Our reporting measures can help you plan your ordering and gauge what inventory you’ll need for busy periods.

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Forecasted demand and suggested reorder quantity

Have the ability to view suggested order quantities that consider past sales volumes and stockouts when deciding what to order.

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Easily create purchase orders

Create purchase orders in Lightspeed Insights and easily determine which products and quantities to order. You can place purchase orders for all locations collectively or for individual locations.

The amount of reporting is fantastic now. I can see instantly what each outlet is doing and how much sales they’ve made that minute.

The whole thing is so integrated. It’s incredibly easy to use over four different sales outlets with different people using it.

Walter Jacobs

Co-founder Aero Bowls

Customer since 2020

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