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Launch Services – Lite Onboarding Package $269

Save time and remove any guesswork. Our team will help with your Lightspeed implementation, and ensure you’re set up for success from day one. We’ll take care of the heavy lifting to get you set up quickly and easily.

Get your setup right, from the start

The Lite Onboarding package is designed to:

  • Be in the best position to achieve your business goals
  • Minimise disruption or downtime when migrating to Lightspeed
  • Ensure your team is ready to go with customised training to suit your store’s processes
  • Show you exclusive examples of how the best retailers use Lightspeed to sell more, reduce costs and access insightful retail reporting.
  • Onboarding services start date must be within 90 days of purchase date and 30-days after your first kick-off with your Launch specialist
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Description of services

Our Lite Onboarding package includes configuring your account to fit your business needs and processes.



Kick-off call
30-minute session

We’ll discuss your goals and retail processes to gain a thorough understanding of your business so that we can tailor your onboarding services. Your Launch Specialist will create an onboarding plan customised to your requirements and processes.

Navigating your account
1 hour workshop

Together we’ll review your settings and give you a quick tour of how to get around Lightspeed’s setup page. This session is designed for admin users. By the end of this session, you will have an understanding of topics such as creating users, creating payment types, setting up your receipts and much more.

Inventory control and stock management
1 hour workshop

You’ll learn how to update and maintain your inventory in Lightspeed and how to create promotions. We’ll also show you how to manage and receive your orders, perform inventory counts, transfer stock between outlets (if applicable), and how to return faulty items to your suppliers.

Selling and Reporting
1 hour 30 minutes workshop

You and your team will learn how to sell with Lightspeed. We’ll cover how to process sales, gift cards, store credits, layaways, returns and account sales. We’ll walk you through printing and emailing receipts, opening and closing your register, managing the cash float and petty cash transactions and voiding closed sales. We’ll also show you how Lightspeed’s loyalty program works and how you can use it in your store.

You’ll learn how to report on the success of your retail operations with Lightspeed. We’ll go through the reporting module and Retail Dashboard (if available in your plan). We’ll talk about best practices and useful retail reports. We’ll also cover inventory reports and register closures in detail.

Account configuration: 5 hours

We’ll do the hard work to get your Lightspeed account set up.



What we’ll require from you

Lightspeed Payments

We will help you set up with Lightspeed Payments before you go live.

Make sure your payment terminals are charged and connected to the Wifi.

Data integrity check

We’ll ensure that all of your data is accurate
before launch. Our team will help to delete any
of your test sales and perform a data audit.

We’ll help you coordinate the launch of your Lightspeed account so that you’re ready to sell.

Completion of the previous steps.




Lightspeed eCommerce

We’ll take you through a tour of what the integration looks like. We’ll share articles that can give you a clear understanding of the setup process and answer any questions regarding the integration.

Terms and Conditions

Start date and expiry: Onboarding services start date must be within 90 days of the purchase date, or the package will expire. You’ll have 30 days from the date of your first official kick-off session with your Launch Specialist to use these services. Note that onboarding services are not refundable.

Go-live date: You and your Implementation Consultant will discuss your go-live date during your kick-off session. Note that your store’s launch date is dependent on you providing your Implementation Consultant with all the required and relevant information on time. Missing information may result in a delay.

We are looking at growing the business. Using Lightspeed’s POS and Payments has resolved many of the smaller issues that I can now focus on other areas of the business that we can grow in. Things like inventory control, customer service and giving back to the community. It’s a real blessing.

Liz Anderson

White Earth

Customer since 2021

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