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Sell more products and manage your entire business with Lightspeed’s retail platform.

The clothing store POS that supports the growth of your business

  • Stock and manage your inventory across all your stores and sales channels
  • Enhance your presence across all channels including in store, online and social media
  • Powerful fashion insights are just a tap away
  • Know who your best shoppers are and have the tools to keep them coming back
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Experience these benefits with Lightspeed Retail

Deliver a seamless omnichannel experience

Provide your customers with an effortless in store and online experience, so they keep coming back.

Minimise double-handling

Everyday processes are streamlined including searching and adding products to your catalogs.

Save time during stock take and reduce inventory inaccuracies

With our Scanner app, you can count products, track inventory and fulfil orders easily.

Real-time reporting

Make insight-driven decisions with real-time reporting, and see what is performing well and what isn’t.

Integrate with accounting and eCom platforms

Run your online and brick-and-mortar store more efficiently with the software you’re using.

Easily onboard staff

Simple setup and training, minimise mistakes, retain staff with an easy to use platform.

Sleek and modern hardware

Ensure your cashier desk looks modern and clean, so you can provide a memorable in store experience.

Run effective promotions

Retain and build customer loyalty whilst bringing in new customers with the tools to run multiple promotions.

Every now and again we just find something else that makes everything a little bit more streamlined. There’s constantly changes and we are like, ‘Oh yes, that’s the win’. It’s evolving. It’s keeping up with what’s happening basically and what’s needed, which is great.

Virginia Martin

Founder, bul

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Considering the switch to Lightspeed?

Switching to Lightspeed is easy. From data migration to hardware and payments setup, our industry experts will support you each step of the way.

  • Get fast 24/7 support
  • One-on-one onboarding
  • Dedicated Account Manager to answer every question
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