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Lightspeed Retail – Advanced Reporting

Understand your sales and inventory performance to make data-backed decisions with Advanced Reporting

Unlock detailed inventory and sales reporting

Available in our Advanced and Enterprise plans or as an add on to any other plans.

  • Visual reporting let’s you track daily, weekly or monthly reporting at a glance
  • Inventory reports help you understand your product performance and costs in detail
  • Filters and comparisons make it easy to adjust the reports to your business needs
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How you’ll benefit

Real time data

Access data in real time from anywhere using a cloud based platform that has live sales and inventory data

Customisable and flexible

It’s easy to adapt our reports to what your business needs and filter in on specific times or metrics

Keep on top of costs

Don’t just report on sales but returns, discounts, margins, COGS and more so you have a full snapshot of business performance

Understand your inventory and staff performance

Advanced Reporting gives you the in-depth data you need

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Brands and Suppliers

Understand which brands and suppliers are driving sales and delivering the best margins with minimal returns.

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Products and Categories

Get a macro and micro overview of stock performance by understanding category trends as well as individual product performance.

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COGS and Margins

Keep on top of costs and make sure you’re turning a profit with detailed data on cost of goods, taxes, margins, discounting and more.

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Customers and Staff

Get to know your customers and your staff by seeing avg. items and revenue per customer or team member and other important metrics.

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Outlets and Registers

Explore which locations perform best whether that’s within your store or across several stores, compare outlet and register performance easily.

I’m checking it out throughout the day, every day. On my phone, I use the app” says Virginia. “It’s easy to see, and it’s easy to check in at any time, which is great.

Virginia Martin

Founder of búl and Creative Drector at Crumpler

10+ locations with Lightspeed

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