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Sleek Hardware Made For All Your Restaurant Needs

Made for the greasy hands and high pressure of peak hours. POS hardware for Lightspeed Restaurant is easy to set up and easy to use.

Lightspeed hospitality POS hardware

Master any style of service and impress customers with modern POS hardware that’s built to boost efficiency and speed up service.

Lightspeed hospitality POS hardware is sleek and reliable. With a sophisticated look to match your venue, it’s made for the high pressure of peak hours, helping you move freely and take orders quickly.

It’s easy to set up and easy to use, allowing you
to create an efficient flow across your venues and spaces.

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Take orders

Make ordering easy for your customers and staff with hardware that fits your service style.
Take orders at the table or at the counter, with a POS that can easily move about the venue
with you or be secured in place.

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Sleek and powerful, the perfect partner for your iOS POS.

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Lightspeed Stand for iPad

With its sturdy base and stylish design, this modern iPad stand keeps your POS setup looking its best. Checkout is seamless thanks to the magnetic swivel that lets customers and employees see for themselves.

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Universal Stand for Tablets

Perfect for most tablets, this minimalist stand goes from POS to customer-facing display thanks to its swivel base, while the quick-removal option lets you serve customers on the go.

Take Payments

Seamlessly process quick, accurate payments from anywhere in your venue.

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Smart Terminal

Take payments at the counter or on the go with this compact all-in-one payments terminal. A small device that fits in the palm of your hand so that you can carry and store it with ease.

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Smart Terminal with Printer

Close out sales, take payments and print receipts with this all-in-one payments terminal. With a large screen and cradle for stability this sturdy device is perfect for all types of service.

Printers and Scanners

Print receipts, tickets and scan items.

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Epson TM-M30II

Print customer receipts quickly and on the spot. The Epson TM-M30II printer can easily connect to your network and is perfect for countertop receipt printing thanks to its compact, neat design.

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Epson TM-U220

The easiest way to get orders to the kitchen – fast. The Epson TM-U220B is built for tough kitchen environments, with heat-resistant dockets and the ability to use 2-ply carbon copy paper.

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Socket Scanner S700

From merch to signature sauces, sell items
off the shelf with a handheld scanner.

This barcode scanner has Bluetooth wireless technology, scans on paper or screen, has a lightweight, ergonomic structure and a long-lasting battery to withstand an entire workday.

Setting up a new printer is two buttons.

Put it on the same wifi network, bang, two buttons,
and it finds it. Whereas with other software, you need
an IT degree in order to set up the printers and get all the hardware working.

Adam Celestino

Owner, St Judes

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