For ambitious business owners looking for alternative ways to finance their business, Lightspeed Capital provides convenient, accessible and renewable cash advances, deposited in as soon as two business days.

Lightspeed Capital

At Lightspeed, we’re committed to helping you grow your business by providing flexible, up-front capital. Secure the funding you need to stock up on inventory, hire staff or invest in marketing, and enjoy our flexible remittance process. No complicated deadlines, surprise charges or changing interest rates–just clear and flexible terms.

No Personal Credit Checks

Unlike many traditional financing options, Lightspeed Capital doesn’t conduct personal credit checks. Use your cash advance for any business expense with peace of mind knowing there’s no impact on your credit score.

Flexible Process

A portion of your daily sales goes toward remitting the advance and associated flat fee until it’s remitted in full. Lightspeed is your trusted business partner, and Capital is no different. That’s why we designed the program to be low stress, especially for businesses with sales that fluctuate from day to day.

Fast Funding

Our process is fast and convenient. Your cash advance is deposited directly into your bank account in as soon as two business days. We understand that time is of the essence for your business needs, and we’re here to provide the seamless funding solution you deserve.

How to get funded

Apply for your cash advance in just a few simple steps.


Find the self-serve application in your POS Back Office or dashboard.


Click Apply Now and choose the amount you require.


Follow the rest of the application steps.*

*Depending on your series, you’ll be asked for details such as legal name, business ID, and bank account info.


Submit your application for review.


Expect a decision in as soon as two business days.

Key features and benefits

One-time flat fee:

The flat fee is a percentage of your cash advance balance that’s added on to the total amount to be remitted. There are no hidden costs or confusing interest rates.


Once you qualify for funding, expect lightning-fast results. Your advance will be securely deposited into your bank account in as soon as two business days, so you can access the funds when you need them most.

Simple remittance process:

Lightspeed Capital is business-friendly, with a percentage of your daily sales going toward your cash advance and flat fee. Even during slower periods, you won’t feel the burden of looming deadlines.

Self-serve application:

Requesting your advance is a breeze, with a simple application that you can fill out directly in your Lightspeed POS.

Qualify based on sales history:

Lightspeed has unique visibility into your business. Using your sales data, we create an offer that’s tailored to your business needs.

Why is Lightspeed Capital better for your business?

How is eligibility determined?

We qualify your business for Lightspeed Capital based on the following factors:

  • Sales history with Lightspeed
  • Overall business performance
  • Transaction volume

Lightspeed Capital is optimized for the needs of the customers. Lightspeed has a better awareness of the requirements of the hospitality industry compared to other lenders, and caters to our needs.

Joju Shibu

Dabangg Group

Illustrated image

We had already taken out large loans to open a second store and we didn’t want to sign up for anything additional that might affect our business credit. The fact that Lightspeed Capital doesn’t count as a loan or impact our business credit reporting really helped take some weight off of our shoulders.

Robert Stokes

Techzone Geelong

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