Lightspeed Restaurant is the fast, flexible platform that
simplifies your processes and connects your teams
so you can focus on what matters.

Table Service

Provide memorable customer experiences with quick and seamless workflows that connect your front and back of house to every aspect of your service. From seating and menus to ordering and printing, Lightspeed Restaurant gives you everything you need to run your table service restaurant.

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Improve your service with a smarter POS

Easily create custom menus for different venues, rooms or promotions and manage your dining room with confidence. Stay on top of every order with table status and seat-level ordering and make sure each dish hits the kitchen and table when it needs to with advanced coursing.

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Help increase your revenue
with data-driven decisions

Harness the power of your own data to see which of your staff perform best in each section and where you can help them improve. Find out which of your menu items are driving revenue thanks to Lightspeed’s Magic Menu Quadrant and learn the characteristics of your high value customers so you’ll always know how to entice them back.

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Help keep your costs low with a POS that guides you

Reduce your COGS and waste by ordering only what you need with Lightspeed Inventory. Create ingredient-level recipes with live pricing tools to avoid prohibitive items before they make the menu. Always schedule the right number of staff with the help of detailed sales reports to gauge upcoming customer visits.

Never miss a beat with tools that help you run an efficient restaurant.

Lightspeed Restaurant is easy to use and helps your team so that they can stay focussed on the customers, play to their own strengths and develop in areas where there are opportunities for improvement. Lightspeed Restaurant can also keep your costs in check by helping you reduce your COGS and waste, create more profitable menus and take full control of your margins.

  • Assign menu items to individual diners
  • See each table’s status at any time so you’ll always know where to go next
  • Create multiple menus and update them across all locations from anywhere, any time
  • Provide instant support for your venues from any device with browser, even if you’re not physically there
  • Create fully-costed recipes with live pricing suggestions and avoid prohibitive items before they hit the menu
  • Complete transactions on one screen with the fully-integrated Lightspeed Payments
  • Collect valuable customer data with each payment and learn how to turn guests into regulars

We’ve reduced the amount of time staff spend taking orders by 30%.

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Get fast, free support when you need it.

When you choose Lightspeed, you’re backed by our team of onboarding and support experts who are dedicated to your success.

  • Get off to the best start with free onboarding from a Lightspeed specialist
  • Get unlimited 24/7 supportFully-stacked library of guides, webinars, demos and videos
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