Welcome to Lightspeed

Lightspeed is the unified ePOS and Payments platform for you to accelerate growth, provide the best customer experience, and become a go-to destination in your space.

From going live to growing your business, here’s what your Lightspeed journey will look like.

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1. Exploration

Kicking off your journey, you’ll connect with a Sales Development Representative (SDR). Your SDR ensures that Lightspeed is the perfect fit for your business. Following this, we’ll invite you to explore the details of our product in more depth.

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2. Dive into a demo

In the next phase, an Account Executive (AE) will provide a one-on-one demo of Lightspeed Restaurant. Together, you’ll explore your business’s unique needs and determine the ideal package.

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3. Onboarding and launch

Step three involves a Launch Coordinator, who will work closely with you to set up Lightspeed for your business. They’ll provide all the necessary training materials to ensure a swift go-live.

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4. Serve your customers better and grow your business

Once live with Lightspeed, an Account Manager (AM) will be dedicated to your business. They’ll help you maximise the platform’s potential, introduce you to new products, and offer support for your business’s expansion.

A helping hand when needed

As the name implies, our Customer Success team is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. They’re your primary resource for assistance post-launch and are readily available to resolve any challenges you may encounter. For urgent or technical issues, our Support team is available 24/7.

Find out how to contact Lightspeed for support here. You can also access valuable resources in our help centre to aid you on your Lightspeed journey.

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Using one solution for Payments and ePOS has really helped my management team. The days of half an hour long Excel spreadsheets to do cash up at night and missing their last trains, all of those things are now over. In 5 minutes they cash up and are done.

Dominique Fernandes

Head of Operations

Mildreds and Mallow

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