Lightspeed is the unified point of sale and payments platform powering the world’s best retail and hospitality businesses.

Your Onsite Hardware Install

We are super excited to have you join the Lightspeed family, but first, the most important thing to get right is your setup!

We are here to ensure everything in the lead up to you taking your first order is smooth and simple.

Here is everything you need to know about your onsite setup:

What your on-site technician will do

Your printers, iPads, payment terminals will be on their way in the coming days.

When your technician arrives, they will:

  • Unbox and connect your iPads, and install them in their cases and stands where you want them and pair them with our Lightspeed software with your menus ready to go
  • Plug in and test your receipt printers at the counter and which products print to which printers in your kitchen and or bars
  • Set up bump screens for your kitchens
  • Unbox and connect your payment terminals and pair them with the appropriate iPads
  • Test everything with you so that everything works to your expectation!

How do I get my setup booked in?

Once you’ve signed your contract and setup is underway, we will organise your onsite installation.

  • You launch coordinator will confirm your launch date – the day you start trading with Lightspeed
  • They will then book your installation for that day
  • 5 days prior to this you will receive your setup readiness checklist that walks through the things you need to have ready for our setup team’s arrival such as power, wifi etc
  • On the setup day, you will need to provide the hardware you received and have your apple id, wifi name and password ready for our team
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Please note that if your configuration is changed after the setup or any new requests are made, your Lightspeed Implementation specialist will manage that with you remotely. If you need additional assistance, you can get in touch with our 24/7 support team.

If you have any questions about your onsite setup in the meantime, please contact the Lightspeed Launch Team at