Lightspeed Restaurant is the fast, flexible platform that simplifies your processes and connects your teams so you can focus on what matters.

Advanced Insights

Take action with powerful analytics collected from all areas of operations, easily accessed from anywhere. Insights from your business operations are collected in a single, coherent storyline so you know precisely where to direct your focus and which changes will make the most impact.

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Unlock accurate insights instead of assumptions—no extra work required.

Spend less time in reports and eliminate the guesswork with analytics that are automatically collected and compared with guest data and menu sales. Focus on making better business decisions and save yourself from linking menu items or downloading multiple reports.

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Uncover the menu tweaks that drive
repeat business.

Feel confident in your decisions. You see the success of menu items in real-time, along with context behind the numbers like patterns in guest preferences and repeat orders.

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Increase staff efficiency and upsell

Ace every service by adjusting your schedule. Book your star staff when they are most needed. Discover the strengths and opportunities of each server, then hone in on improvements to help them sell more.

How Advanced Insights helps your restaurant.

Improve efficiency and grow revenue with data that goes beyond traditional reporting. Find out what to do next using data from each shift and every part of your operations, collected and condensed in a single setting to help you make better business decisions.

Guest Profile Generation

A guest profile is automatically created with each transaction settled to show preferences and behaviors with no manual entry

Magic Menu Quadrant

Easily spot your top-performing menu items and the percentage of repeat business generated

Server Performance

Understand what makes your top performers so successful, and coach your underperformers on opportunities

Hourly Sales Heat Maps

Spot your busiest time of day and week so you can schedule the right amount of staff

Lightspeed Live

Mobile App with the full Advanced Insights
experience on your phone

Lightspeed helps us break down how a server is performing in terms of hitting upselling goals. We can quickly look at if they are getting customers to add craft cocktails to 20% of meals, for example, or selling a bottle of wine to 5% of tables. Every restaurant has different priorities and Lightspeed can program around those priorities, but for us that information is super valuable and it helps us work with servers for them to get higher sales and thus more tips.

Jarred Drown

Owner, Freshwater Tavern

Gladstone, MI

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